Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey everyone! This year, Chinese New Year conveniently falls on Valentine's Day (or, as I like to call it, Singlehood Awareness Day). It's the year of the Tiger, so what better excuse to dress up as a tiger for your loved one? I'm a tiger, so I'm hoping good things will come my way this year. So far so good, I started a new job this week after being unemployed for a few months, so it's already looking up. I hope everyone will have a great valentine's new year! :D

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Strange Candy!

It's hard for me to believe it, but OO turns 9 years old this week! Have I really been doing this comic for so long?? I know I ask myself this every year, but it still amazes me that I have managed to continue working on one project for such a long time :) So much has changed over 9 years! Thank you to everyone for reading this poor comic, I really appreciate it!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ack, what is THAT?!

I apologize for the hideous.. thing up above. It appears that my host, Comic Genesis, is having some issues. I and many others have been suddenly unable to login to our accounts via FTP, and when I tried using their online siteadmin interface, THAT is what happened. I have tried correcting it, but it keeps turning out the same. My copy of the comic is fine, it's not the file, it's something Comic Genesis is doing to it :( Hopefully, this will be resolved soon, and the comic will get posted normally. What a way to start the new year, eh?

At any rate, I hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year! Happy 2010!

EDIT: YAY, It's Fixed! Woo hoo!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy (late) Thanksgiving ^^;;

Sorry again for the lack of update! As US readers will know, this week has been the Thanksgiving holiday, and I have been out of town visiting my parents. I lack the materials here to make a comic, so all I have that I can offer at the moment is this awful drawing I did while working on concepts for my often-delayed-will-it-EVER-happen Beauty Man Garden comic. Bad drawing, with crazy perspective and non-existent body proportion (hello, tiny hands and weird elbow, lol) but it is all I have with me at the moment ~_~ We should be back to our normal comic schedule next week :)

In Beauty Man Garden news, I am aware that my one attempt at a BMG comic fizzled pretty quickly. However, it is not dead, I do plan to bring it back, but this time I am going to plan better and have more comics done before I begin posting them. I want to chronicle the adventures of a normal school boy thrown into the crazy world of being a Beauty Man Garden waiter, but it will take more preparation :D Wish me luck~

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hello everyone! Sorry about the fashion doll today! Xuanwu is swamped with papers to write, and I have been distracted by my job hunt (I was recently laid off). We should hopefully return to a normal comic soon, though there may be one more pinup before that :D Thank you for your patience! :D

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Yes, it's just a little early :) I love doing the Halloween pinup each year, it's fun to think of costumes for the characters ^_^ Can you recognize them all?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Anime Expo!

I just wanted to mention that I will be at Anime Expo in LA this July 4th weekend. Is there any interest in an OO meet-up, let me know :D